There’s no “Us”, only “We”.

We are you. We are nameless and faceless free Souls navigating our individual journeys through this Earth place. We are each doing the best to answer questions that are relevant to our lives and we do not need so-called leaders or any form of governance to assist in that regard.

We hold certain truths to be self-evident and we reserve the right to use our voices to ask questions about how power is amassed and usurped, especially when it is weaponized against We The People. We embrace a republic form of self-governance–not a democracy–that protects individuals, even when they look and believe different than the majority of us.

We The People believe all transactions should be between Sovereign consenting adults and, as long as those consenting adults are not harming children, animals or Nature, and they are not lying, cheating, stealing or breaking agreements with people with whom they have no associations, they ought be left alone without impedance or interference.


Voluntaryism is a philosophy advocating for interactions between individuals to be voluntary, free from coercion or aggression. It emphasizes the importance of voluntary cooperation, free markets, and personal autonomy in all aspects of life, including economics and governance. This philosophy aligns with the values of many freedom-loving American patriots who prioritize individual liberty, limited government intervention, and the protection of natural rights. Voluntaryists believe that a society based on voluntary interactions fosters true freedom, allowing individuals to make their own choices and associations without forceful interference, resonating strongly with those who cherish the principles of personal responsibility and liberty in America.


Agorism is a philosophy advocating for a stateless society achieved through counter-economics—engaging in voluntary exchanges outside government control. It encourages individuals to operate in black and gray markets, bypassing oppressive regulations and taxation. For freedom-loving American patriots, agorism aligns with the ideals of limited government, personal autonomy, and free-market principles by promoting self-reliance, reducing dependence on centralized authorities, and fostering a more voluntary, decentralized society. By participating in agorist practices, proponents aim to undermine and eventually replace coercive governmental structures with decentralized, voluntary interactions, emphasizing individual freedom and autonomy.

Austrian Economics

Austrian economics is a school of economic thought that emphasizes individual choice, subjective value, and the importance of free markets. It emphasizes the role of entrepreneurship, spontaneous order, and limited government intervention in economic activities. Many freedom-loving American patriots are drawn to Austrian economics due to its alignment with principles of personal liberty, free enterprise, and the belief in minimal government interference, viewing it as a framework that supports individual freedoms and economic autonomy. Its focus on free markets and minimal government intervention resonates with those who advocate for limited government control and the preservation of individual rights, aligning closely with the ideals of many American patriots who prioritize personal freedoms and free-market principles.

Taxation is Theft

Many libertarian We The Peoples believe taxation is akin to theft because it involves the coerced taking of individuals’ property or earnings without their consent. According to Austrian economics, which emphasizes individual autonomy and free markets, taxation distorts natural market forces by redistributing wealth through government intervention. This interference is seen as impeding economic freedom and diminishing individuals’ rights to their own labor and resources. For freedom-loving American patriots who value limited government and individual liberty, excessive taxation represents an infringement on personal freedoms and stands contrary to the principles of self-determination and independence upon which the nation was founded.

Choose Your Religion for You, not for Others

Not having a formal national religion in America is vital because it upholds the principle of religious freedom, ensuring individuals can practice their beliefs without state interference. This absence of an official religion prevents government favoritism or discrimination based on faith, fostering an inclusive society for diverse religious views. It safeguards individual autonomy, allowing Americans to freely choose and change their religious affiliations without fear of persecution or societal pressure. Embracing peaceful religions within America’s future is essential for nurturing tolerance, empathy, and cultural understanding, promoting unity amid diversity and laying the foundation for a harmonious and respectful society. Politicians, servants of We The People, who espouse religions that are anti-American are traitors to We The People and should be removed.

Competing Currencies

Embracing alternative currencies fosters the foundational American value of choice and competition. Offering options beyond the fiat dollar aligns with the essence of freedom by empowering individuals to select currencies reflecting their beliefs and preferences. Fiat currencies like the dollar derive their value from governmental decree rather than intrinsic worth. They’re subject to inflation, manipulation, and political influence, compromising their stability and true value.

Conversely, currencies backed by tangible assets such as precious metals or validated by proof-of-work/stake mechanisms, like some cryptocurrencies, provide a more stable and transparent value system. These forms of “real money” offer scarcity, security, and decentralized governance, reducing susceptibility to manipulation or devaluation by centralized authorities. Supporting diverse currencies encourages financial innovation, fostering a competitive environment that drives technological advancements and economic growth, qualities deeply cherished in American ideals. Ultimately, diversifying currency options aligns with the principles of liberty, autonomy, and independence, allowing individuals to actively participate in shaping their financial future while safeguarding against the risks associated with centralized control over currency value.

Participate or Tolerate

Embracing the notion that “Freedoms are taken, not given”, underscores the responsibility and agency of every American in preserving and advancing liberties. By recognizing that freedoms must be actively defended, patriots acknowledge their role in shaping the nation’s destiny. Sitting idle relinquishes the opportunity to influence the course of the country, leaving the outcome susceptible to those who actively engage in its governance. Engaging at the local level empowers individuals to have a direct impact on their communities and contributes to the collective efforts in upholding and expanding cherished freedoms for future generations.

The Republic of Florida

Freedom-loving American patriots residing in the Republic of Florida may use to engage others. Our platform offers valuable resources and guidance on exercising and safeguarding all types of freedoms. By leveraging the tools available on the website, individuals can equip themselves with knowledge and strategies to actively participate in defending their liberties at various levels. Engaging through this platform facilitates a collective effort among like-minded individuals to strengthen their understanding of rights and responsibilities, ultimately contributing to a more robust and vigilant defense of freedom in Florida and beyond.