Compiling a comprehensive list of freedoms is an impossible task for those who truly comprehend the term “freedom”. However, since we need a place to launch, here are the first few areas on which we will focus our efforts.

Freedom of Speech: The ability to express opinions and ideas without censorship or fear of persecution.

Freedom to Defend: The unrestricted ability to use any reasonable force required to neutralize any threat presented by individuals, warring parties or overreaching government agencies.

Freedom of Religion: The right to practice any religion or none without interference or discrimination.

Freedom of Assembly: The right to gather peacefully with others for protests, events, or meetings.

Freedom of the Press: The ability of individuals and journalists media to report news, give opinions and even to “be wrong” without censorship.

Freedom of Association: The right to join or form groups, organizations, or unions without permissions or licenses.

Freedom of Movement: The liberty to travel and reside within a country without unnecessary restrictions.

Economic Freedom: The ability to engage in trade, business, and commerce with minimal government oversight or involvement.

Property Rights: The right to lawfully own, use and control property without any interference.

Privacy Rights: Protection from unwarranted surveillance or intrusion into personal matters.

Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest: The right to due process and protection from unjust arrest or detention.

Freedom from Torture and Inhumane Treatment: Protection from cruel and unusual punishment.

Freedom from Slavery and Forced Labor: Protection against involuntary servitude, including the use of financial and tax binders.

Freedom of Thought: The right to have personal beliefs and thoughts without coercion.

Freedom of Education: Access to education without ideological indoctrination or barriers.

Freedom of Innovation: The ability to create and innovate without undue restrictions.

Freedom of Parental Rights: The ability of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs and values.

Freedom from Discrimination: Protection from unjust treatment based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality or religion.

Freedom of Healthcare Choice: The ability to make healthcare decisions without undue influence, and with complete transparency, choice and consent.

Freedom of Food Choice: The ability to choose and access various foods without unnecessary restrictions.

Freedom from Unreasonable Taxation: Protection from excessive or unfair, undisclosed and misappropriated taxation.

Freedom of Internet Access: The right to access information and communicate freely online.

Freedom from Corporate Exploitation: Protection from monopolistic practices and unfair corporate influence.

Freedom of Cultural Expression: The ability to express and celebrate cultural practices without suppression.

Freedom of Leisure and Recreation: The ability to enjoy recreational activities without unnecessary limitations.

Freedom from Intrusion in Personal Relationships: Protection of personal, consentual adult relationships and decisions without governmental or church involvement.