America is not just a Country, it’s an Ideal.

The American Spirit emanates from the heart of We The People Worldwide and knows no bounds or limits. It burns like wildfire in the hearts of any who know that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are our birthrights.

Freedom is taken, not given.

And it’s only boundary is the unalienable rights of other Sovereign Souls in this Earth place. This online meeting place serves as a nexus for We The People of Florida to share resources and to resist any person, entity or institution that threatens the freedoms of ANY other We The People.

As in 1776, most will accept the status quo, but it’s we freedom rebels who will remain dangerous and relevant with our minds, resources, voices, weapons, ideas that will keep us united and free.

None are Free until All are Free

It is impossible to perceive the tenacity of the American Spirit by its fleshy avatar. We 1776 Americans are dedicated to protecting the individual, not the collective. We are blind to color, race, ethnicity, gender, age, background or religion.

We Believe in the Power of One

It only takes ONE to rally thousands to protect our children. And ONE to teach self-defense and self-sufficiency to the masses. Another ONE can police the police. While other ONEs replace the fake media, expose treasonous politicians, reveal hidden agendas and teach principles instead of policies.

Our Cities are Ours, not Yours

Power-hungry globalist sociopaths and their purchased shills and minions in media, industry, military and schools want us to fight each other, but we will not. We will embrace “Americans” from any nationality, identity, generation or birth country who will join us to advance the causes of peace, love, privacy, freedom, respect, kindness, compassion and tolerance. We will rule ourselves.