We The People Florida (WTPF) Radio is a modern rebel multicast that touches every aspect of personal sovereignty.

WTPF Radio raises awareness on critical issues that have crushed or still threaten our ability to live truly free lives. Our guests and topics are currently curated by producer Dr. Phillips, but there is plenty of room for those willing to help advance the work of this station which is due to air mid-summer 2024.

If you would like to help or if you have suggestions, guests or topics, please drop her a note. There’s also an opportunity for those with broadcast skills to become “field reporters” in each of Florida’s major population centers and cities!

WTPF Radio

WTPF Radio’s major interests and initiatives include…

Protecting childrenReclaiming power to The PeopleElection integrityHealth sovereignty
Medical accountabilityElimination of corporate rightsAdvocating for health choicesFood security
Strengthening local communitiesSchool district transparencyFree voices in government forumsInsurance Alternatives
Protecting our Earth MotherEducating for life skillsPromoting peer Freedom WarriorsRestoration of Common Law